FAQ | Pikkly

What is Pikkly?

Pikkly is a San Francisco-based company that aims to change online marketing by utilizing the one thing everybody loves - winning free stuff.

Is it really free?

Pikkly will never charge our members, we want you to enter the drawings and learn more about the businesses that are providing the prizes.

How do I enter a drawing?

First create an account on Pikkly.  Each drawing has it’s own method (or methods) of getting an entry.  For instanace, you may have to Follow the business account on twitter to get an entry into the drawing.  If you want multiple entries you  may be able to share the drawings for another chance.  Each drawing has its own rules and how to enter.

When are drawings held?

Drawings are held at various times, you can see how much time is left on a drawing at the drawings page.  The drawing will be automatic and the winners will be notified via e-mail.

How do I claim my prize?

There are two kinds of prizes, e-prizes and physical prizes.  Physical prizes may need to be mailed so you may be required to enter a shipping address to revceive the prizes.  E-prizes are usually automatically given to the user with proper instructions on how to redeem, if you have any trouble recieving a prize, please e-mail contact@pikkly.com.

Is Pikkly a scam?  Why would companies give out free stuff?

Pikkly is completely legitmate and we partner with trustworthy national and local brands to do our drawings and contests.  The companies are giving away free items to build a better user advertising experience and to generate large amounts of social media traffic and followers.  It is a win-win for our members and the companies.

How do I know if I won?  

We e-mail the winners of every contest.  You can also check in your account settings to see if you won a prize and to claim it.

How do I run a drawing/contest?

 If you own a business and want to run a drawing, please create a business account and submit a new drawing request.  We are always looking for great business to work with!  

Still have more questions? Please send us an e-mail at contact@pikkly.com.