Run a Drawing on Pikkly | Pikkly

Why is Pikkly good for my business?

Pikkly is the easiest and most cost effective way to grow your brands presence and gain social media traction.  Everyday thousands of users come to Pikkly to check out offers and drawings from great businesses like yours!  When they see something that sparks their interest, they will become a fan on social media sites for the chance to win a prize from the businesses.

Your business gains a new follower on social media, the customer gets a chance to win a great free prize from you business.  
The cost of doing a Pikkly drawing is a fraction of the cost of running expensive advertising campaigns where you pay per click or per view.  Even when you run those ads you aren't guaranteed to get a fan or a customer.  What makes Pikkly different is that we not only drive potential customers to your business, but we help you retain them by allowing you to engage them on social networks even after the drawing is done.
Pikkly is a very powerful tool and will change the way you view advertising.  To get started, sign up for a Business account.